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Sock Information
When thinking of socks, there are many different types of and not knowing the difference between them can be an issue.  So below we have put together the different types.
Crew socks come to mid or full calf with a heel and toe
Tube socks come to mid or full calf with NO heel and toe
Quarter socks come to the ankle
Low cut socks come up to just below the ankle
Diabetic Socks
Diabetic socks are specially designed to give a diabetic the support and comfort that is needed in socks.  All diabetic socks have non-bind tops to prevent the stop of circulation to the feet.  Also diabetic socks have a smooth seam at the toe so the seam does not irritate your toes.  All our diabetic socks are made from the finest materials to allow the foot to breathe.
Sport Socks
Sport socks are everybody’s favorite socks to wear with sneakers.  There are a wide variety of sport socks to choose from that range from cushion sole and non-cushion sole to low cuts, crews and quarters.  Sport socks give your feet the support and comfort you look for if you are running, walking or even just sitting down relaxing. 
Dress Socks
Dress socks are made to go along with dress shoes to complete the formal look.  Dress socks are great for whether you are dressing for a formal night out or for the day in the office.
Wild Flower Footies
Wild Flowers footie’s are made for women who want to still be able to have their feet covered while wearing their favorite shoes.  Wild Flowers footie’s are low cut and medium cut that they are almost undetectable when being worn.  There are full covered footie’s as well as toe cover footie’s to wear with slip on shoes with open backs.  Footie’s come in three colors white, black and nude; and are mostly made it be light weight.
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